Buying Guide

How To Choose A Game Table

     After countless hours of research at we made certain assumptions to provide you with direction when selecting your game table.

     Assumption #1.   Table construction:  It is almost impossible to make direct comparisons between any two game tables based on material specifications.  Don't waste your time.   Reputable manufacturers are going to build tables to meet market price points and demands and they will do so only up to the point where customer feed back tells them the product is not worth buying.   What that tells us is that there are great competition level tables and good mid-level tables but to be cautious when basing your purchase purely on budget.  We prefer those manufacturers' products approved for professional play by governing associations and their "Guidelines for Competition Tables", such as the ITTF (ping pong), ITSF (foosball), USAA (air hockey) and the BCA (billiards).  Since not all tables we offer meet the "competition" standards, they do come from those manufacturers who have built their business around core quality products that do.

     Assumption #2.  You are expecting a certain experience in play:                                     --Casual with kids and friends                                                                                   --Competitive, at family gatherings and parties                                                       --Competition high level practice and play 

     Assumption #3.  You have a budget and there is no real reason to go overboard.  Go for the best play experience.   Unless you compete at a high professional level, the differences in play for the majority of our regulation size game tables will barely be noticeable.  As you advance in skill the finer points of construction may or may not play a role for you, but in either case, these tables will work well to transition you to the professional level.'s the process we undertook to determine our product offerings at

  1. We reviewed dozens of manufacturers across all categories of game play regarding:                                                                                                          --their overall product offerings                                                                        --the price groupings of those products                                                          --their overall ratings by their customers                                                        --their response to those customers
  2. We scanned a minimum of 500 customer reviews for every product we offer, from various sources, and categorized them.
  3. We selected products at different price points for your consideration
  4. We only advance manufacturers who enforce MAP pricing policies.  This protects the manufacturer who has built a quality name brand and also allows to guarantee you the lowest price on the market, including price promotions from the largest retailers around the globe.     
There Are Some Things You Do Need To Consider!
  • Indoor or Outdoor?  We offer both when available.
  • Play-space Area?   (for regulation size tables)                                                        Ping Pong:  Minimum 11' x 15'.                                                                        Foosball:  Minimum 8' x 7'.                                                                                Air Hockey:                                                                                                          Pool Tables:   
  • Level Of Experience:   We try to fit each product to game play experience.  See descriptions.   
  • Budget:  In your know!
  • Tips:   Look for the pros and cons in each description!